Scott Terriss, Production

My role is Print Production Manager and it includes the production of Photographic Prints which we dispatch all over Europe. At our peak we can produce over 800,000 prints for our customers ranging from holiday snaps, to birthday parties and new babies entering the world. As with all of our products, we take the responsibility of dealing with customers precious memories very seriously.

I am also responsible for the T-shirt production for Moonpig and the greeting cards that are sent when I customer orders a gift. The press room that produces the cards also creates the labels for our personalised beer selection. Part of my role is to also deal with various outsourced suppliers.

PhotoBox is a company driven by excellence with a core set or values which we uphold at every given opportunity. It’s this passion that I believe sets us apart from other companies and has helped to make us world leaders in what we do. As a company we are constantly developing and expanding, including a recent building extension project here in London to cope which customer demand.

We are a company that recognises talent which enables employees to move through the ranks and have their ambitions rewarded. Each day brings fantastic opportunities and our teams embrace every challenge whole heartedly. It’s these factors, and many more, that make PhotoBox a truly great place to work.

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